Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years eve

We wanted to end this year with something special for our family so of course we hit Myrtle Beach. Again. 
I was warm so we took a picnic and our girls and drove off toward the sunrise.  Not really but it sounds good :) 
Eldest had been fighting a cold and molars coming in and had not been sleeping well so we thought this adventure would also help cheer her up. 
We built a sandcastle and then played giant and attacked it. We went shelling, and walking on the beach.
Then once we started to get tired we loaded back up and ate our lunch in the car while we went sight seeing.
Middlest and BigGwrl were sooo excited to see that BASSA Pro shops are here in this land too! 
We trained them girls right. :) They really just like the fish tank and all the animal tracks on the floor. Eldest however.. well she found something she's ALWAYS WANTED and has decided that she and I are going to have a busy spring. 
 Once we finally were able to leave we discovered where all the RIPLEY'S Museums were (Tonya) so that when people (tonya) come to visit we could go. We also found a fishing pier. Eldest has been BEGGING to go on one since we've first gone to the beach. 
She LOVED it. She looked for dolphins and whales. Talked to the guys fishing. 
We checked for sharks and cool shells. 
It was so much fun! 
Then BigGwrl saw a fishing boat and started screaming that the Fire Nation was coming to attack us!! I though one guy was going to fall off the pier he was laughing so hard. 
That was pretty much the end of our drive the girls were worn out and we needed to get things ready for NEW YEARS EVE!!!!! 
Now this whole day Eldest was laughing and playing. We kept her meds going and other than her throat being sore she said she was feeling better.
New Years Eve... We got home and cleaned up the family room really quick so we could have our wii night. It was so much fun!! I kicked everyones butt. Then i had to go cook bread. They cheered when I left. 
We ended up calling New Years at 11 because the littlier ones were tired and CRANKY and Eldest was starting to feel bad again. 
About 3 she woke up and her throat hurt so bad she could barley swallow anymore. So Daddy took her to go get throat spray. No fever STILL but she had white stuff so in the morning he took her to the ER. She had Mono. yea. 
We were all just so worn out that after they got back we decided EVERYONE would take a nap. We ALL slept until after 5. It's been crazy around here. 
I pray you all had a much better New Years than we did.. or at least a more healthy. 

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