Friday, January 7, 2011


I forgot to mention this the other day because I was a little ashamed. I still kinda am.
Eldest and Biggwrl and I were sitting down eatting lunch and discussing the ANDES mtn. cake I had made the evening before. Eldest didn't get any because she had gone to bed early. I was explaining that it's had whipped cream injected into it. Eldest wasn't quite understanding so I said you know like a TWINKIE. They BOTH looked at me and went a WHAT? I kid you not. THEN Eldest goes.. You mean like on WALL*E?
My kids are 12,6 1/2, and 4 1/2 and they have no idea what a TWINKIE is!!!
So I called Tim and asked him to pick up a box of TWINKIES..His reply was priceless.
Hey babe on the way home can you pick up a box of TWINKIES?
huh? can you repeat that I don't think i understood.
TWINKIES! Can you get a box of TWINKIES?
Twinkies? Seriously? You want Twinkies? Is this for real?
Babe. Our kids don't know what a TWINKIE is.
oh. I understand, I am on my way!

How lame of a mom do you have to be to not give your kids Twinkies!! I mean Seriously?!
I am the WORST mother in the world! At least this week. hahah

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