Monday, December 27, 2010


So.. I've been thinking today about Photoshop. I know people swear by it and im sure if you read enough tutorials that you can figure out how to use it, that it's awesome. HOWEVER is it cheating?
Shouldn't someone's skill be judged from how a picture looks straight out of the camera?
I use my editing software to straighten, crop, or change a picture to black and white. Thats it. Now i do realize i am not a professional but i think on occasion I take good pictures. I don't think they compare to Ansel Adams. Though.. i don't think he used Photoshop either.
I'm just saying.
I've been looking at all these pictures on various blogs i follow and they talk about how they do all this editing of pictures show before and afters.. I can see that Photoshop can take a mediocre photo and create something amazing. I dont have the time for that much fiddling around. I think a picture should be judged on the feeling not just the editing.

<----- This one.. Straight out of the camera.

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