Monday, January 10, 2011

Food, Food and more food

Just in case you had not noticed i've been posting a lot of recipes lately.
It's cold and my kitchen is warm. VERY WARM.
I've been trying to make a sit down breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day and bread through out the week so we don't eat the store bought kind. Sometimes I fail but mostly i'm trying to get used to my new stove and save money by making SURE we eat at home. It's actually funny dealing with a new stove and learning all it's quirks. The other day I tried to make beef stew for my brother. It burned so badly we had to order pizza. It was cooking on LOW!!! I left the kitchen for like 15 min because I got sidetracked by evil LEGOs. ANYWAYS... I wanted apologize and say well i might be cooking a lot but it's healthy too! kinda. On the flip side i think all this cooking is making me loose weight, and the family is sharing a lot more AND I've discovered a BIG secret to baking bread.. AND it's really REALLY fun seeing the hubs and the child assisting him in the kitchen look up at the mountain of dishes. I love being the EEEEvil mommy.

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