Sunday, June 26, 2011

Genesis Leigh

My oldest baby Genesis Leigh passed away Friday night. She was my first baby. I got her in 1998 when I lived in Texas. My ex and I on a whim went to the humane society in Tyler and saw this beautiful 7 month old puppy and instantly fell in love. She was so full of life :). I used her as a judge of people when I moved to Alabama a few years later. When SHE instantly fell for my now husband I knew he was a great guy. As we had children she would lay beside them as babies and nudge them back to where she wanted them once they started crawling. She never minded them crawling or laying on her. She never snapped or tried to bite them. Though she was sensitive to voices being raised. As time passed she was having more trouble seeing and hearing but she was still as gentle and loving as ever. Her favorite thing to do was curl up on the vent and hog the air coming out of it. We had been prepared for this eventuality for a long time but you are NEVER ready. It's been a hard day. Her girls and her sister Indiana miss her so much.
Rest in peace my beautiful love. Mommy misses you.

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Tori @ The Shiksa in the Kitchen said...

Rachael I'm so sorry to hear this... I came to visit your blog and congratulate you on your pregnancy (and your pickle salad cravings!), but then I saw this post and it tugged at my heartstrings. Dogs are the best. They really do become part of the family. What a blessing to have that loyalty and friendship in your life!