Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tie Dye fun

Yesterday was our Tie Dye day!! We had bought shirts for field trips then we went through all our clothes and found whites that were stained or that we just plain 'ol wanted to dye. We spent an hour or so banding them then  got to dye-ing!
We had so much fun and all four of us bear the results!! BigGwrl and Middlest are covered in dye stains.. I and Eldest were lucky (or smart enough) to not get to colored.. except my foot which BigGwrl "accidently" squirted with red dye. I went around all day yesterday looking like someone hacked off my toe!! It looked like I was bleeding heavily!
These are some pictures of the girls favorite creations:
BigGwrl dye-ed a skirt that was stained 
Middlest did an old pair of hand-me down pants that used to be pink but were stained with dirt and grass
Eldest said the two shirts she had in the basket were her favorites but she only wanted to model this one :) 
We did over 30 items yesterday and all of them were soo cool! We LOVE Tie Dye day! I love that the girls like to wear things like this!

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