Monday, June 6, 2011

SuperNova's favorite pasta salad

As most of you know part of being pregnant is food aversions. With this baby they have been a little more... well just more. Supernova doesn't like meat.. except fried chicken and he doesn't like many sweets. We call the baby a diabetic vegetarian. :)
Anyways this has led us to try and figure out different recipes that momma can eat. This is one of those.

SuperNova's pasta salad:
   1 package of cheese tortellini
   2 small cans of sliced black olives
    1 bottle of balsalmic vinegar salad dressing

boil the pasta according to directions. Open and drain the black olives. Drain pasta. While still hot add to a large bowl the pasta, the olives and 1/4 of the salad bottle. Stir. Allow to set for about 5 min then check if the dressing has been sucked up if it has then add a bit more dressing. then cover and place in fridge allowing to fully cool.
I suppose it would be good with some chicken breast cut up in it. But... well then supernova wouldn't like it :)

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