Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday morning football

 This morning Big Daddy taught his girls how to play football :)
 at first he was a little concerned about teaching them tackle instead of touch but i assured him the girls would be fine. These are no holds barred kinda chicks.
He had to show bigGwrl how to catch the ball and run for the right goal line 

Eldest tried to tackle him

Middlest and bigGwrl got into a wrestling match on the field..which proved to him mommy was right 

These next few are their touchdown dances :)

This one is my favorite. The others had to take potty breaks so Daddy was teaching middlest to proper way to throw a football

       This one is where they switched jobs :)
                They all had soo much fun!! Big daddy doesnt often get the opportunity to play games like this with the girls and they had such a good time bonding. To make this story even sweeter... He took them to CVS and let them pick our their own nail polish and he painted all their toes for them.
 Now that is a DADDY!

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