Saturday, June 18, 2011

Math facts.

Last year in school all I heard and saw from middlest was how much she was struggling with her tests.. spelling tests, math tests, every test. We'd practice until she had everything down pat then test time came and well the results were not good. This summer we've been practicing reading, spelling and taking math tests. One way we've done this is to download times math tests and do those 3x a week and the other 2 days we practice flash cards. I do not grade her on how many she gets wrong only on how many she does. She has to correct sloppy numbers and wrong answers but they do not count against her. Last week her Personal best was 24 with 7 sloppy/ wrong answers. Monday it was 33 with 8 wrong/sloppy. Today she got 40 with 5 wrong/sloppy. She gets to display her Personal Best papers and get 3 candies every time she breaks her record. If not she gets 2. Either way she is increasing her speed and her neatness and this momma could not be more proud of her little girl!

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