Sunday, October 17, 2010

the Story of a Sunday Drive

Once upon a time a Biggwrl wanted to take her mommy for a drive. She put the sewing box on the seat to give her some highth and started to go.

Then a sad sad man popped up in the window. She turned to ask if anyone knew who he was.
Then she remembered it was her BigDaddy and he wanted to drive Mommy. She thought she had locked him out BUT.... 

He got the door open anyways. She grabbed on to the steering wheel and refused to surrender it! 

He tried sweet talking her and tickling her....

He tried unbuckling her seatbelt but the Biggrwl wouldn't give up she wanted to drive!! 

She stood her ground and hugged the steering wheel!! 

                     But in the end BigDaddy won the fight :)

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