Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween costumes on a budget

Big_Daddy is still out a job like many others. We have been very blessed with plenty of help so please do not think I am in any way whining! God has taken care of our needs!
That being said and out of the way:
Halloween is coming up this weekend!!! We have no budget allowances right now for some things. Occasionally we squeeze out enough for a hot fudge sundae or another kid of special treat. The girls have been VERY good during this time about not asking for things.. except for rose.. but she is 4 and its hard for her to understand. I knew they all wanted special costumes for this year and we had discussed how we didnt have money to go buy stuff this year to make our outfits. We decided to make all the girls goddesses!! We had Eldest's outfit she made during the PERCY JACKSON session we did! We also had an extra sheet ( we thought eldest would need two for her project) and Ms. Kitty had a bunch of trim she needed to get rid of. FREE COSTUMES!! How 'bout that? Each child got a personalize goddess costume for virtually no cost. I am rather proud of myself this year!
Here are the pictures:

btw: even though they were from a diffrent project the sheets still cost about 7.00 apiece at Walmart

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