Thursday, October 14, 2010


So as a mother I try very hard to raise RESPECTFUL children. After dealing with a 4 year old running rampant in the fabric store touching everything and putting bolts of fabric in Gwanma's basket THEN coming home and having all three of them intentially hanging on things, breaking almost everything just geneneraly running just plain NUTS. I admit I snapped. I told the little ones to bring out all thier toys, books and dollies and put them in a bucket. Eldest was to bring all of her electronics and put them in the bucket. They took all thier bikes and put them in  big_daddys truck. I have decided that I am going to start a toy library. From now on until they can learn to respect other peoples toys then then wont get any! THEN later that evening their FATHER, who has been very "concerned" about the childrens lack of respect, pulled my coffee table over took off his shoes and put his naked feet on my coffee table!
You know how some mothers say well I just cant have nice things? Some days I feel like that :)
Then I get a big hug or kiss and its all worth it

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amy said...

u gotta do what u gotta do me and ken took and threw away toys because they wer left out on the floor