Tuesday, October 26, 2010

one reason why I homeschool!

God gave me the courage to homeschool our children. I thank him all the time for putting Homeschooling on mine and Ms. Ducky's  hearts this year. This is the third situation like this in our area. One was at a local middle school. I don't know where we'll be next year or how I will handle 3 homeschoolers BUT I do know that God wants me to do this. Thank you Lord
for giving ME (and Mrs. Ducky)  back my children. 

Woodlawn High School on Lock Down

Woodlawn High School on Lock Down
Copied from NBC13
BIRMINGHAM, Ala (WVTM) – A Lockdown at a Birmingham School was lifted earlier today, but the search for two suspects continues.
Officials put Woodlawn School on lockdown around 10:30 Tuesday morning, after two burglary suspects ran into the school.
Police arrested a third suspect away from the school. The man was armed with a “sawed off” shotgun.
Police also say someone called in a bomb threat after the school went on lockdown. Bomb sniffing dogs were deployed to make sure a bomb wasn’t actually inside the school.
Captain Allen Hatcher says the two men entered the building from its back side. Hatcher says the men were able to easily blend in. “School was in the middle of changing classes at the time that suspects ran into the building,” Hatcher told Alabama’s 13’s Hilary Golston.  “That’s why they were able to kind a intermingle in with the students and go where they went.”
Hatcher says he’s been at the East Precinct for 18 months and has never seen anything like this before.
Several parents were wondering how the suspects were able to get into the building at all. It’s kind of stunning to me,” parent Irma McCoy said. “How did they get up in there in the first  place.

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