Sunday, October 17, 2010

Noccalula Falls

On Saturday we went on a special picnic to Noccalula Falls in Gadsten Al.  with our Nana. We had so much fun. Since it's been so dry the past year there really wasn't much of a waterfall this time HOWEVER we were still able to find some water to play in.

We all walked to the edge of the water fall and took pictures.

 They have a petting zoo, a homestead ,which was really cool because all the building were from diffrent places in Alabama and Tenn.

 How Historical! Big_Daddy, Eldest and Grumpa walked down to the base of the falls.
 While Nana the little girls and myself went to play in the water. I am planning on talking T and her girls into going back later this spring. Apparently you can walk behind the falls into a "cave" and see indian writings! HOW COOL IS THAT?
On the way home we passed by SUMATANGA so that we could show Daddy. He's never been there before. Then we drove home a diffrent way so we could enjoy the trees changing colors. it was a great day!

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