Friday, October 1, 2010

Just another crazy time

Who would have thought that this cutie-wootie  could have started mass chaos. ACTUALLY It started with BigGwrl telling Gwanma she should come over and listen to Taylor Swift on TV with her. For a few days now she has been teasing me about how she (Gwanma) isn't allowed to come over. Which SHE IS she just has to give me 3o min warning so i can hide the laundry! Anyways Biggwrl and I had just taken a break from cleaning mommy's room and knock knock I look out the window and there is Granma is all her loving and mischieviousness. I open the door to let her in and out goes the dogs. 
Genesis will come back Indiana will not . While I am holding open the door ( stupidly) to get the dogs, Out goes the cat! UGH! After having had a cat that vanished I am VERY paranoid about having an outside cat. So now I have a stray cat and a stray dog. We finally get Indie in and try to catch Mimi who has now gone UNDER the house. I ask BigGwrl if she can get the cat (since she is small enough to get down there) well she falls down and scrapes the fire out of her knees! I though my mom was going to cry! It finally all worked out. We were finally able to bribe the cat to come out and when she did she gave us that cat look that said What is wrong with you I was just checking things out. OVERREACT much? 
Why did I want 2 dogs and a cat again?? 

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