Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cystic Fibrosis and the pepsi refresh program

The Pepsi Refresh voting is going on until Oct. 31st. Help Babies breath is in third place. http://www.refresheverything.com/helpbabiesbreathe 
I just dont know what to say. 
This is the second time we've been in the lead only to drop to third place before the voting closed. 
      Im just.. sad. 
   People in Missouri accused a CF patient of just using his "problems" as an excuse to not work. The patient was on Oxygen and in the hospital. 
How can they not understand? Why can't CF awareness be as big as cancer awareness?  People are SLOWLY dying of a disease... one they inheriated. NOT CONTRACTED by drugs or some other "bad" choice. SLOWLY DYING. DROWNING TO DEATH. There is no cure. 
Countless Pills
Countless hospital visits... a once a year "tune-up" stay (if you're healthy) is two weeks... if you are sick you go in more often and sometimes for longer amounts of time. 
But hey there is good news! The age that most survive to went up from 35 to your 50's! 
I know im all over the place.. i just want a better life for these poor babies, children, teens, and adults. No one should have to go though this and if there was a way to prevent it..or for more clinical studies to maybe one day find a cure I think we should do everything in our power to do it.  
Vote in the Pepsi Refresh program please. Please help these poor babies have a better life, a better chance for survival. 
                          This is my face of CF. This is who I want a better life for. Who I want a cure for. 

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