Saturday, April 28, 2012

it's starting.. sadly..

My baby.. my last little baby is growing up.
I'm proud of him.
not really.
Truthfully I just want to cry every time he learns to do something new.
He now babbles and "talks" to you, he rolls over in both directions deliberately, he kinda army crawls to different toys, He has started eating cereal, He's drinking water (and unfeet tea) during dinner from a sippy with a little help, and now today he's started getting on all fours and rocking which means he'll be crawling soon. I'm glad I bought those baby gates last week but it still makes me a little sad.
Soon he'll be talking and crawling then walking ect. ect. ect.
Happily though he loves his mommy and his favorite place (and mine) is in my arms.  
OH! middlest has taught him how to smack his lips! 

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