Sunday, April 15, 2012

5 month old

This was little man 5 months ago. A tiny scrawny, blue eyed, bald headed, little baby boy
This is little man now... chubby, and snuggly. He like to laugh at his sisters. He wrinkles his nose when he smiles and you cant resist smiling back.  His blue eyes have turned brown ( THANK YOU GOD) Little man can roll over and is learning to inch forward. He can turn himself around.. and best of all he reaches for people specifically mommy. He is a pimp. Wherever he goes the women follow cooing over him.  He's teething which is a new experience for me.  Middlest never had any issues teething and Big_Gwrl only did with her molers but we are getting through it. He is also a 100% breastmilk baby! Only one more month until I have reached the FIRST of my breast feeding goals! 
Thank you for letting my gush. I'm a lot proud of little man if you couldnt tell 

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