Sunday, April 15, 2012

Supernova's steam engine and night night songs

Supernova only takes a pappy at bed time. We do play with it during the day taking it in and out of his mouth and mommy's playing MY pappy! Lately though he has learned how to spit it out of his mouth so at bed time when you give him his pappy and he doesn't want it Supernova will start blowing sounding more and more like a steam engine hissing until it finally shoots out of his mouth like a rocket. I love it!! Every night I rock him in our chair singing two certain songs to him (Puff the Magic Dragon and Peggy Gordon) until he falls asleep. Tonight I fed him and then I snuggled him and put his pappy in his mouth but before I started singing Supernova pulled his pappy out of his mouth... patted my face and went ahh ahhh ahh.. like he was singing. A beautiful moment between mommy and her baby.

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