Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Working on homework TOGETHER

Middlest has been having some problems in school. We study for her spelling tests, do her homework ect. and she was still having trouble passing her tests. We tried: flash cards, computer games, writing over and over, verbal spelling Pretty much everything i could think of! So I decided to try a diffrent route. Since we started homeschooling  Eldest; She and Biggwrl have become a LOT closer, often leaving Middlest out. So Eldest has now been put in charge of Middlest's spelling words. This way they are learning to be more patient with each other. Eldest is working on her handwriting, reading and PATIENCE. Also she gains self esteem as they BOTH succeed. Seeing how much closer and more understanding the girls have gotten toward each other has been a HUGE reward!! I was a little sad to see my little girl doing better working with her sister than her mother but then I realized that it doesn't matter WHO works with Middlest as long as she is learning and doing better.

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