Monday, December 13, 2010

Welcome home

well as of right now I don't have pictures to post because i'm doing the wifi at McD's thing. I just wanted to update everyone on what all was going on. We got here late Saturday night Got to walk through our truely amazing new house. We celebrated my eatting pizza on the floor! The next morning we went to Church and met lots of new people. People at this church actually talk to you! It gets better.. Later some men from the church stopped by to help us unpack the truck! It gets better. About 3 the pastor and the youth stopped by on their way to go caroling at the nursing home and wanted the girls to go with them. How awesome is that? We are so blessed!! The animals are adjusting. Mimi is loving all the space to roam , Genesis is laid back as usual and Indiana well the poor thing cried all the to South Carolina then cried all night and all day the next day. Today she didn't cry as much but she didn't want momma to leave her alone. :)  i think that about covers a quick update.
Sorry for blathering on. i am sooo sore and sooo tired :)

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