Monday, December 6, 2010


With Big_Daddy gone bed time is even worse than normal. Those with kids know what I mean. This was my evening. We started at 6:30 so the girls would have a full hour of fussing before i got upset.

Okay little ones Go get jammies on and teeth brushed.
Are your clothes out for tomorrow?
are your clothes out for tomorrow?
*i think they are in the dryer*
No nothing is in the dryer look in the clothes baskets
* where are the baskets? *
Same place they were. Beside mommys bed.
* okay* * i tired to make the bed and x punched me*
 go to bed. go to bed. go to bed. go to bed.
 go to bed.
 *but mommy*
go to bed.
*how come Eldest gets to stay up late?*
Cause I love her more and she is 12 go to bed. go to bed. go to bed bed bed. go to bed.
 *do i have to go to bed*
 yes. go to bed
. *im not sleepy*
 I don't care go to bed.
 * I have to go to bed?*
 * you don't have to yell.*

- Can I move to South Carolina without them? Just for a few days? Please?

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