Thursday, December 2, 2010

my job discription

Big_daddy came home yesterday and told me that in able to continue reciving help paying bills the company needed me to write a note stateing that I am able to work but dont and that it needs to be noterized.  I think the following will be my reply.
To whom it may concern,
             I was asked to send in a note stating that I am able to work ( not disabled) but that I don't. I feel this is to make me feel like I am not contrubuting to my family.  . I feel that being a stay at home mother IS a job... One I do not recive pay for.
My qualifications for these jobs are basic math, reading and cooking skills. I hold both basic and infant first aid and CPR.  The ability to carry 50 lbs of dead weight, while simotasily carrying a 10 lb diaper bag, 4 grocery sacks containg milk aqnd eggs and still being able to open a locked door.  The patience to deal with a whole neighborhood of children all hopped up on candy. As well as the stamina to deal with three children and a husband  with the flu.

I have 7 years experiance being a short order cook and at annaual events a passive baker. I am trained in the art of stain removal and dish scrubbing. I have training as a 24 hour nurse. I monitor media consumption. I frequently work as a sanitation enginner and house cleaner. I work daily as a teacher, counslor, and a P.E. teacher. I work daily as a taxi driver, and a laundress. In addition to these I also work as a receptionist, personal aide and life coach.   I have  great orginazitional skills. The ability to calm a screaming child with a hug and heal boo-boos with a kiss. I can plan a party in two days AND come in under budget for it. I am a thrifty shopper and am able to save my family money each month with my budgeting.  I have the ability to see  through walls and to tell when a child is lying. I am a Sunday school teacher.  I also have been known to be able to do craft projects in record time. I work as a photographer and historian. I am able to raise clean, respectful, well mannered children and keep a comfortable home.

I recive no salary for my job. I have instead chose to accept kisses, hugs, art work and the occasional weed (not the kind you smoke). I recive few benifits such as medical and dental coverage.  However, I get the ability to raise my children the way i see fit acording to my morals instead of allowing a stranger to do the job for me.

Thank you,

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Trina Rolph said...

I have never seen a stay at home moms job described so well. Ive fought to find the words that seem to just flow from your head. :)