Monday, November 29, 2010

speaking of boxes

Since we are moving and money will be tight closer to christmas i decided to order gifts ( Santa only) early this year, and have them sent to my mothers house. In case they got in after we moved. Well just our luck they all came back quickly which meant i needed to pack them in a box. We still have a medium size stack of unused boxes that when we find something to be packed we find a box the is close to the right size. Well since these are large gifts i picked the largest box. Makes sense right? NORMALLY. This box is freaking huge! I dont know where Big_Daddy found this box BUT Eldest, Middlest, BigGwrl, Big_daddy and BOTH dogs fit in this box. Seriously! It's a family box!
   So everyone except me and Middlest hid in the box to wait for the bus. I went outside and waited.. the bus gets home and Middlest gets off the bus walks inside and says where did the box comefrom? I dont know the mail lady just dropped it off..
Well how did she get it in her car?
opens it and sees bodies and starts screaming until she notices they are her family
then she starts laughing.
This was Great fun!!

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