Monday, May 4, 2009

Emotional Devotional

Emotional Devotional

I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee

Hebrews 13:5

There have been some very dark times in my life. Times when I was never sure if God was truely there watching over me and if he was why were these things happening. When I was 18 I ran away from home and moved to Texas. At first things were great i was young and having fun living the life. I wasn't on drugs or getting tatoos, just having fun. As I started growing from a teenager into a woman the fabric of my life started fraying.. I got married hoping that marriage would help an also crumbling relationship. The man I married was more vocal about my flaws and the things that were inportant to me. My once sturdy self confidence was crumbling. Everything that i liked from my friends to my hobbies was constantly critisized. At least once a week He told me he wasn't sure if we should be married. I prayed and prayed for answers and hoped it was just a phase. One day I came home from work and was told abrubtly that his best-friend was moving in and i needed to find somewhere else to live. I asked God how this had happened..why was i not able to hold my life together.What was so wrong with me. I moved back to Huntsville a very diffrent person from the one who had left. I wanted nothing to do with God. My mother knowing the power of God would drag me out of bed every Sunday dragging my butt to church. I started to pray and started to heal. I learned that God had been there all along and what happend was part of Gods plan for me. One very normal day God put the man he had intened for me in my path. This man needed me in his life as much as I needed him in mine. He had strong beliefs and was good inside and out but he had issues of his own. Soon after we were married we got involved in a very ugly custody battle for his daughter. We went through things in the first year of our marriage that I pray others never have to. We prayed every night for Gods will to be done even as scared as we were that Gods will would not be the way we would have liked it to have been. God taught us how to work together and how to lean on each other when the other was spiritually weak. We reunited with family that my husband had not spoken to in a year. We had a baby. Dispite all the obstacals that we had been challanged with we had persevered. We allowed God to guide us instead of guiding ourselves and simply praying. God never forsakes us dispite the challages that we face even when they seem insumountable

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