Monday, March 9, 2009

Broken Hearted

I am not a big supporter of " Love" i think that more than love needs to go into a marriage. You have to have respect for yourself and each other . You have to work together and support each other. You have to work together to benefit each other. You are supposed to be partners!!!! God made a man and a woman to work together. We are a puzzle with interlocking parts you fit and lock tight. Physically and mentally. the relationship HAS to be a see saw each working in the best intrest of the other. Giving and Taking. no more than the other. You BOTH have to work in equal mesure.
Are we not being taught how to be married? Or are we not being taught to Respect ourselves? Or not being taught how to work together?? Every where marriages are falling apart. Partners secrectly cheating.. partners are lying to eachother.. Partners are delibertly hurting eachother with no thought of how it affects the other or the children most share.
My relationship IS NOT PERFECT but i can sleep at night ( technicially speaking) knowing that my children know their parents love eachother and are working in the best intrest of each other and them. They see us fight but they also see us kiss and make up. they learn that we disagree on things but we can still compromise. We respect ourselves and each other enough to be the person holding the other up. When im weak Tim supports me and I support him when he is weak. We hold eachother up.
We turn to God when times are tough he shows us the words we need. He shows us how to work together. We don't always have to agree but we have to treat eachother with kindness.
Perhaps thats the problem KINDNESS. We have forgotten how to be kind to EVERYONE. If I could have one wish for this week it would be that we finish this week in kindness. Kindness for everyone even when we are mad and hurt. Find someone to be kind to!!!! How will it affect your life? Your marriage?

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