Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Marriages fall apart

Marriage issues
As time goes past and we all get older more and more friends are get divorced. Is it so hard for couples to understand that marriage is a sacrament between you both and God? I'm not trying to start a fight but why would you even bother to get married if you were not going to honor that promise to keep God in the center of your marriage?? Why is it so hard to maintain a relationship?
Relationships are hard and keeping God in the center is even harder. We live in a WANT society. We all WANT. We want dinner out. We want time away. We just plain want. It's hard to focus on someone else's needs when we want so much. When we make that promise to be with someone for the rest of our lives we promise to put their needs above ours. It's hard to remember but this is the person we have made a promise to love and take care of for the rest of our lives. Everyone has different needs it's important to talk to your spouse and discover what their needs are. Needs can be vastly different but finding a way to bridge those differences with Gods help is what helps to keep a relationship together. Men and Women are two parts of the same whole. We are supposed to be different but still fit together! We don't know our place in our own relationship. God gave each of a purpose and a job in our relationship . The husband is the head of the household the wife should be respectful of that. I think to often we don't respect the jobs gave us in our marriages. Mine is running the house in such a manner that it allows my husband to do his job and not have to be concerned with doing that as well. When it comes to household decisions he respects my authority and I try to respect when he makes decisions he feels are in the family's best interest. He asks my opinion since we are partners but still he gets the final vote and I as his wife must respect that.
We also introduce adultery into our lives. We as a society debate with each other about what constitutes adultery. To me adultery isn't always having sex with someone not your spouse. Adultery can be that friend of the opposite sex that want us to talk to them about our day and our lives and soon we are sharing things with them and not with our partner. Pretty soon we start comparing them with our spouse and it starts an avalanche of problems in our relationships. Adultery can be as simple as masturbating alone, you may start doing it thinking about your spouse but soon its someone else not to mention then we don't want to have sex with our spouse. When we allow ourselves to step on to this path we just start losing our balance and slide down the hill. It's like a gateway drug... just once wont hurt.. right?? WRONG! When we allow ourselves to let porn into our homes we are making our selves numb to what power they have over us, we are becoming voyeurs of something God made to be between and husband and a wife. By buying it we promote it. It's tough to stand back and think about it but we are sharing parts of ourselves with someone other than the person God chose for us even if it's in our own mind.
Think about women's clothing.. it is designed to draw mens eyes. We don't consciously think about it but we are encouraging lustful thought in other men. This is the body that God made for our spouse! Now think about when you look around in stores how do you see them starting to make young ladies and little girls clothing? It's gotten to the point it's hard to find something modest for your children to wear. We are supposed to encourage them to save themselves for marriage and the man God has for them but lets dress them like hookers! that will only harm our daughters in their walk with God. These things slowly start to eat away at our relationships without us even knowing it! We need to step back and look at the things influencing our lives and relationships and we need to decide if they are helping to bring us closer to God and each other or just tearing us away. If they are tearing us apart we need to work together with God to help separate the problem and heal the relationship

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