Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Letting go

letting go.....
Letting go is hard. We love to be in control of our lives. We keep our issues, adictions, troubles and illness to ourselves for fear of judgement. We all find it difficult to ask for help not just from God but from our friends and family. We chew on the problem trying to figgure out how to fix it how to solve all our problems ourselves. We allow our stress and bitterness and hate to literally eat us alive. Why? We know that giving our problems to God letting him solve them will make our lives better, us healtier and happier. Instead we play God with our own issues. We chew on the problem trying to figgure out how to fix it how to solve all our problems ourselves.In my efforts to reduse the stress and anxioty in my life i have discovered we need to
1. Admit the truth- that we are not responsible to affect change or correct problems that our beyond us thats gods job
2. Release over responsibilty- we can not make our lives or others lives perfect
3. That we are not perfect- we stumble in our walk daily but we ask for gods help and are forgiven
4. Learn to say No- we have to allow ourselves to say no or i can't to problems out of our reach
5. confess our faith
6. accept that we are not the one in control
7. Hand our problems over to God
8. Declair that God is the one in charge of our lives not us
9. Accept loss- not everything goes our way but God will still be there to love and care for us
10. surrender- surrender control
As a busy mother I have daily issues with letting go. I have learnd the hard way that i need to relsese my problems and ask for gods help in my daily walk. I feel like i need to be perfect in all i do. I should be super mom! But trying to be super mom really affected my family. I have had to face the reality that im not perfect and that God and my family do not expect perfection
. They only expect love.

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