Thursday, May 7, 2009

If you don't forward this...

If there is one thing that makes me angry it's being told that if i don't foward something that i don't care or I am not a Christian. A lot of those kinds of emails were written with hatred. Hatred breeds hurt and more hatred. People look at me like i am crazy when i say things like that but it does. God teaches us to LOVE one another and to TEACH others how much He loves them. How are we teaching or showing love by passing along things that tell us to hate someone or something? There is a song that comes to my mind thanks to my daughters recent addiciton to Musicals.. Rodgers and Hammerstine wrote a song for South Pacific call you must be taught how to hate. When the movie came out they wanted to cut that song out... and R& H basically said no song no movie. This song rings true... we do have to be taught how to hate. Loving is natural, it's a gift God gave us. We are born loving not hating. We learn how to hate through what we see and read as we grow. i'm not advocating turning a blind eye to what goes on around us but do we have to pay attention with hate in our hearts? We can't change the world with hatred.. look at what that gets us. Love is what changes things. Love takes time to grow but grows strong.. Hatred is a weed that spreads quickly and is hard to get rid of. When you get these kinds of emails or when you read or watch something just think about if it is spreading hate or LOVE.

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