Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nothin better to do

 Yesterday I mentioned I co-sleep with Supernova. Sometimes I feel like it's some horrible secret that I have to keep to myself. There is such a stigma attached to it. There are dangers but I don't move a lot in my sleep, I don't take sleeping pills, and I don't drink alcohol. I didn't plan it.  I always nursed the girls in bed at night then transfered them to their crib. It just kind of evolved when Big_Daddy moved out of town. It was easier to just keep the baby in bed with me than to keep getting up and down all night long. I figgured out real quick that you get to actually sleep that way. When we moved south we transitioned Supernova back into his crib at night. Lately though he's been going through everything teething, growth spurts, allergies, you name it. Meaning he hasn't been sleeping well at night so in order for us to get more sleep (any) we've had to start up again.
  There are a lot of benifits to co-sleeping. Babies are programmed to be close to thier mothers. So sleeping next to them keeps baby feeling more secure in thier world. Mom's warmth and breathing helps regulate thier body tempature, helps keep them from falling asleep to deeply.. preventing SIDS, it also helps moms to be quicker to respond if there is a problem with baby. I am not in any way trying to convince anyone to co-sleep with thier child. It's just what works best for me and Supernova at this time.
    We have had a few kinks we needed to work out. For instance Big_Daddy does roll over in his sleep and it worries me that our bed is so far off the ground.  So we placed the foam mattress cover we used while I was pregnant on to the floor made it up like a bed and on nights when Supernova needs to be close to me he and I will move down there. That way he doesn't get rolled on top of and he can't fall out of the bed. Daddy also gets the sleep HE needs to talk care of us.
    I don't know why right now Supernova needs his mommy so close to him. I do know that my job as a mother is to do what my family needs me to do. Right now my little man needs his mommy close so if I have to lay down with my chubby bubby so he feels more secure then that is what I will do. There isn't anything that I have to do that will not wait. It has taken me a long time to figgure that out and maybe this is Gods way of convincing me I need to prioritize how I do things.

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