Wednesday, May 2, 2012

meeting new people in the community.

So I decided I needed to get out and make some... contacts? today. I went to the local (only) baby resale store to see if THEY knew of any moms groups for stay at home mothers. I met some nice ladies who told me we dont have anything like that around here. *sighs*
Off to the next destination.
the core of every community.
The Library.
Story time. Free books. Summer reading programs.
I walked in and went straight to the desk. Glancing at what would be HOPEFULLY our home away from home this summer.
I asked the librarian for a library card. She looked me up and down. Sniffed. Then said she needed proof of residence. I whipped out our lease (which the website said was okay).
She looked it over and said
 I don't think your name is Timothy. So we can't use this.
 my name is right here under people who live at this residence. Smiling.
She started filling it out then set her pencil down and said we have to have refrences. 
REFRENCES? I just moved here. I don't know anyone yet. Thats why I'm looking foward to starting to come...
Yes well we still need refrences. Somebody to vouch for you to say you are trustworthy. Somebody that doesn't live at the same address. 
oh... smile is quickly fading
Well can I get the time and dates for..
No there wouldn't be any point since you arn't a member and your child is to young for our activites.
 I took back my lease and my drivers license. And started walking away. I am embarrassed to say tearing up. When she said....
Sorry it's only policy...Why don't you come back after you've met some people. 
I try VERY hard to be nice and courtious so I kept walking because I really wanted to say some not very nice things. 
This also comes after going on that silly zoo field trip where I tried to talk to some of the other moms about the school and it's teachers while we were waiting for the bus and they looked at me adjusted thier circle and kept talking to each other. 

Then people wonder why I don't want to meet new people.
Although the Mayor did personally deliver our new trash can.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. Small towns. Been there, done that. They look at you, the newcomer, like a bug on their windshield. They don't want you here, not unless you can provide some good gossip. And making friends with any of them is IMPOSSIBLE. *hugs*