Sunday, May 20, 2012

My day

My day
Tennie Hardin

 My mommy is sleepy today so we are gonna write together about my day!
I get up around 6:30 just about the time Daddy has left and Mommy is busy fixing breakfast, trying to critique sissys clothes, get lunches made, and setting breakfast out. I find this is the best time to really get people's attention so I tell everyone that they are ignoring me!. As soon as sissy's are gone I get milks and nakie time! I play with my friends, my toys and my doggies while mommy washes diapers and dishes until I've decided mommy isn't paying me enough attention. I get cuddles and milks then we go run errands! I like this part because I get to go to daddy's work then the store! Everyone at the store LOVES me! Sometimes mommy takes to long so I have to let her know it's time for a nap and of course more milks. I don't like to take naps alone so I let mommy know the crib upsets me and I want more snuggles. She loves me so she lays down on my big bed with me. Then when I get up mommy is GONE so I have to let her know I'm all alone. I do this LOUD just in case she can't hear me.
 When I wake up of course I need more milks! While mommy and I are snuggling my sissys come home!
They are LOUD! And so much fun! I am always so happy to see them! They all hug me and kiss me and tell me how much they missed me.  Mommy has to help them do stuff and get supper ready so they read to me and play with me. They aren't mommy and aren't as much fun so I really get upset after a while.  Then daddy comes home and loves all over me, and gets me ready for dinner. I get milks first then I have to sit in a stupid chair and eat goo. I really dont like a lot of the stuff mommy lets me try. I have learned a cool trick I learned how to spit the goo at daddy! My sissys REALLY liked that!!  After that mommy just gives me cheerios to play with. Then after dinner im pretty sleepy so daddy gives me a bath while mommy helps my sissys and gets my jammies out. When daddy and I are done mommy tortures me by putting on those yucky jammies and diapers and not giving me milks. I tell her how upset I am at her but she just laughs at me!! Then FINALLY I get my milks. I like this part because mommy sings to me as I go to sleep and drink my milks. Soon i'll wake up and want my mommy but for now it's time for bed.

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