Tuesday, November 9, 2010

God Cleanin'

God cleanin'
When God tells you to clean out your lives he sure means it!  A month ago God put in on my and Big Daddys heart to start cleaning up our lives. *sigh* We were not quite prepared for HOW he was going to clean up our lives. We washed and scrubbed and threw away soooo much stuff. Then God told us we needed to go where he sent us. OH BOY! As of right now we have NO idea about where God wants us to go, but we are ready.. ish. Right now my living room is FULL of packing boxes waiting to recive news.  I am struck with how much JUNK five people can get to fill up seven years. I am going through stuff that in September we THOUGHT we would need  ( before moving was even a possibility), Now im thinking do we REALLY need this enough to carry if half way across the country? I now understand how people leave so much stuff behind when they move. What seems important when looked at in other lights doesnt seem so special.  Take for instance we have 4 tables. FOUR. One is the dinning room table, one is a sewing table, one we cut the legs off of and we use it as a coffee table and one is a round table I used as a desk. Do I REALLY need four tables? I will probably take them JUST IN CASE but im not sure how nessicary they really are. I am not REALLY sure how all of this will play out but I know God has a pourpose for all of it.  God wants us to have clean lives this is apparently how he has decided how to clean out MY life.

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