Monday, November 1, 2010

How do you inspect candy?

As I sit here with this ENORMOUS bag of candy in my lap I am forced to wonder how does everyone inspect their candy?
This is how I do it..
-All candy bars get a light squeeze. If they don't have that extra air in them they get tossed. (m&m's get this test too)
-Smarties and hard candies ALWAYS get thrown away.
 -Dum-Dums i twist the wrapper if its wiggly I keep - If it sticks or falls off throw away
-Boxed candies (nerds, dots, milk duds, raisinnetts) get a shake if they shake well and are completely sealed I keep.

But what do you do about things like individual reeses cups?
Carmel apple lollipops
Tootsie rolls
Pixie sticks

Okay I feel throughly overprotective now.

What was the wierdest thing you found in YOUR child's candy bag?
Me ? I found a Fiber One bar
I thought tooth brushes were wierd!


Arthur said...

ok, well there was a raisinette recall for one thing, but I don't think anyone in your family has a nut allergy. The second thing, why don't you just throw everything away and buy them candy? Then you don't even have to sort.

FairyLover said...

My son got an interesting package. We couldn't read a word on it. When he opened it it was some kind of cookie. He said it tasted really good. We have a lot of Korean neighbors.