Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Things right now are a little nuts around our house. We have well a lot of boxes and a lot of mess in our house right now. We are in a kinda of limbo waiting for all the beginning of a job security checks to come in before we sign a lease on a house. So here we are waiting. Meme decided she didn't like all this packing and started peeing on my bed. EVERYTIME I put clean sheets on. EVERYTIME. So after questioning the smartest pet person i know we bought my little kitty her own crate for her and all her stuff. She hates it and she yells ALL DAY LONG. The girls are doing better then they were.. they constantly need assurances of mommy's love.. ie they are CONSTANTLY up my butt. Big Daddy did what he was supposed to when I had a check up about my celexa and sold me down river. I had decided to take control of my life and tell the doctor i wanted off my meds. He said and I qoute.. yeah..no.. i am not taking you off. As a matter of fact I want you to go back to the original doseage. All because my loving caring husband told him that he didnt think it was a good idea. I know he loves me but i still wanted to punch his nose. and yes i know it wasnt my husbands fault but still.
anyways this post is supposed to be about things I am thankful for right now.
I am Thankful : for God  providing us with a new job
I am Thankful :having a home
I am Thankful : a loving Christian husband who loves me enough to say no
I am Thankful : beautiful little girls who love me
I am Thankful : for my Family
I am Thankful : for Tim's family
I am Thankful :for my friends
I am Thankful : That Jesus died to save me
There are so many other things I am Thankful for. Right now is a scary time and I am thankful for everyone who is praying for us.
Mostly I am Thankful God loves me

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