Sunday, July 31, 2011

Today I hate

I hate everything today!
I hate that my hair feels like straw dispite the tons of conditioner i put in it.
I hate that I sweat so much i have to carry deodrant in my car, and purse
I hate the tea big daddy went and got special for me
I hate the way he cleaned the house
I hate that he took the girls to Krispy Kreme and stunk up my house with doughnut smell
I hate the way my tummy feels like a 30 lbs weight
I hate drinking water all day
I hate that its 105 outside
I hate that the ac is flaky in my van
I hate that im so stuff feeling that I can barley stand to wear clothes
I hate that the only pair of shoes i have that fit feel plasticy and sweaty
I hate not being able to sleep
I hate the fact i take a nap in the afternoon and still can barley keep my eyes open by 8pm
I REALLY hate feeling this way. I know its hormones but i really do hate it. I need a hug. and maybe a chocolate cake

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