Saturday, July 23, 2011

Memphis planning

If there is one thing the girls look foward to it's trips with Gramma. From the time Middlest was about 3 or 4 months old she's been going on Road trips. Our road trips TYPICALLY are to Kansas City Mo. though before my Grandma Glass passed away we would go to Detroit as well. We do lots of exploring and mini adventures on these trips and a lot of bonding with Gramma. Eldest because of school and summer visitation has never been on one of these.. until now.  We would do local "adventures" that she was able to go on so this is BIG for her. Our Gramma trip for this year is... MEMPHIS!! We have spent DAYS researching where we want to go! The girls are soooo excited! Since it's high summer we are not going to the zoo this time :(, but we have to save SOMETHING for next time right? We are going to Graceland (we've been, listening non stop to Elvis and Eldest did a report on him) We are going to see the Peabody duck walk, The Riverwalk, BBQ on Beale street, the Lorraine Motel, and the glass pyramid. This is gonna be a BLAST! Stay tuned for pictures and fun things that happened!

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