Thursday, April 11, 2013


Supernova is a pretty easy going little man unless I do something off routine.  When that happens... watch out  world the baby is PISSED. I forgot a lot of these little toddler quirks until recently. When Supernova wakes up we have milkies in his wockie wockie ( the recliner) Indiana must be in the chair with us. Once we are finished Supernova goes straight to the fridge for yogurt and his puppup (cup). Then we let the dog out and eat our breakfast. Then change clothes and go outside to play if the weather is nice, run errands, or watch storybots (depending on the weather). Yesterday I made the mistake of getting his breakfast ahead of time and setting it out in the den. He would not even walk in to the den. He sat there at the threshold and cried. I had to go and pretend I was getting something out of the fridge before he would come into the room to eat. Toddlers have very little control over thier world and so they cling to what they can. When we stick to certain routines they know whats coming. Milkies, Doggy, breakfast, clothes... they come daily in the same way He knows exactally what to expect. We recently had to go out of town for the weekend and he handled it like a champ! Sleeping was a little iffy but who doesn't have trouble with an unfamiliar bed? We took his favorite toys and he spent a lot of time sticking close to familliar people but he did great. Once we got home though the FIRST thing he did was run into his room and lay his head down on his chair say awww and pet it. His chair was someting secure to him. he KNEW everything was back to normal because he could rock in his chair. We as parents have to change our routines for one reason or another but we have to remember and expect them to be a little upset. When they throw a fit it is not because they are spoiled they just dont know what is coming and they are uncertain. Who doesn't feel that way sometimes?

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