Tuesday, January 29, 2013

a really bad day.

My best friend describes a good day as one that no one dies.
Ya'll today was a BAD day.
This morning I was taking some soup over to my brother and sisters house when all of the sudden it spilled.
I have NEVER had my crockpot spill in the car. NEVER.
I pulled over into an empty parking lot across the street from the highway. I called my husband as I cleaned out the car and figgured out a new plan of attack. I got back in my car put the car in reverse when all the sudden I heard squealing breaks. I looked up just in time to see a tow truck hauling a fed ex truck barrel through the intersection sparks flying hit a car. the car was instantly smashed and the truck pushed it about 1/2 a mile. It was the worst thing i've ever seen. I knew the driver was gone. There was no way to have survived. As soon as I heard the impact I called 911. I had the baby with me so I couldn't go check on the driver and there were other witnesses already over there. I scared my husband and my mother with my freaked out calls to them. It was horriable. All day long every time I close my eyes I see that impact. I'm hoping that writing this out will help. About an hour ago the police department here posted the details of the accident with the persons name. He was a beloved deacon at his church.
It's something i can't explain. I just cant get my thoughts about this accident out of my head. I'm fine. I'm okay just disturbed.

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Kat said...

oh chael, i am so sorry! what an awful day! i wish i could give you a hug <3<3<3