Sunday, February 5, 2012

my little man

Well little man. You are going to three months old on Tuesday. 
You have grown so much. As I layed you down to sleep tonight I covered you with a blanket. I realized that a few weeks ago I could cover you with 1/2 the blankie but tonight you needed the whole blanket. You like to watch your sisters now and even have a "sissy" cry. You look for your mommy when someone else is holding you. You laugh and smile at people when they are ignoring you. Today you actually got to play with pookieboo your Granmpa. I think both of you had an amazing time!! You have grown so much!!  Your schedule is pretty predictable now, but if something happens that you get off kilter you get a little off and refuse to nap.  I wish you'd sleep a little longer but im okay with your schedule. 

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