Thursday, February 23, 2012


I try to be as positive about the whole big_daddy living 3 hours away thing, I really do. I get up every morning and get everyone dressed and going. I make hot breakfasts most mornings. I juggle a homeschooler and her many activities, a baby, and  running the girls to and from school. I do good! HOWEVER...
there are some weeks like this one where Supernova is going through a growth spurt that everything falls apart. Okay not really.. it just FEELS that way. We've muddled through but i feel like.... im drowning. I have slept 4 hours in the past two nights. Supernova doesn't sleep during growth spurts. Okay well he sleeps just in 15 min increments, at night 2 hours. It makes you nuts. You second guess EVERYTHING. Is this REALLY a growth spurt? Am I producing enough milk? Is there something else going on that I am missing? Not to mention that babies have this uncanny ability especially while sleeping to know when you are doing something you might actually enjoy.. something that might just relax you. Something like lets say taking a shower when you haven't all week long. The little stinker fell asleep and stayed asleep for longer than 15 min so in a flash of inspiration ( eldest's) I went to go take a nice hot relaxing bath and as soon as I got in the tub and picked up my book wouldn't you know Supernova started screaming.   UGH!! It's soo frustrating! I know deep in my heart this will not last forever it just feels like it.