Monday, April 4, 2011

Preparing for a Tornado

Typically when bad weather is predicted we head on over to my mothers house to be on the safe side.  I have a tendency lately to want to just stay here and wait until we know its going to get bad. As opposed to running over there then nothing happening.  Keep it simple.
So.. The girls are old enough to start thinking about what goes into our tornado bag (tote) We decided that today the girls would brainstorm and make a list of everything they thought needed to go into our bucket. Then after the list was done they went back and weeded out the silly things and got to packing. I offered no suggestions or criticism I just let them pack the bucket. They each discussed why their suggestion should be included. Then once the bucket was packed they had to work together to carry it to the street and back into the house. In order to see if we could carry it to the tornado shelter. They couldn't. So now is when mommy helped go through it. We set out everything in piles and discussed why certain things were not as necessary as other items.. for instance they packed a case of water, 5 jars of peanut butter and 3 packages of snack crackers.. We discussed why those things were good for an emergency kit in general but not to CARRY to a storm shelter. We then re packed our bucket with BASIC items and tried to carry it. It worked!! We were able to carry it to the street without any trouble at all!!
I wanted to add that we were not the only ones with weather boxes,Bags,totes, However we were the only one with flashlights, and a weather radio..  There was however a DVD player and Cotton Candy! 
Just for info we packed...
2 towels
5 trashbags
a first aide kit
a box of gloves
8 bottles of water (2 each)
2 emergency blankets
1 box of snack crackers
1 book
3 flashlights with extra batteries
our emergency radio
and Mommys Wallet

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Tonya Smith said...

not sure what book you packed but if it wasn't the Bible it would be a great addition to the bag....oh wait I forgot who I was talking to that would be attached to your hand :) Love you girl!