Sunday, April 3, 2011

Appropriate words

In our neighborhood we have a good mix of diffrent kids from diffrent backgrounds for the girls to play with. I've always thought of as a bonus. There will always be a bully, someone who is to bossy, you find those kids in every neighborhood across the world. There will always be the teenage boys gathered together to play whatever is in season and the teenage girls standing around them trying to get their attention.  I love how everywhere you go you can find the same things.
     I always monitor the kids watching (listening) through the windows. I step outside frequently to make sure the kids are all playing nicely. I make kool-aide and cookies for the kids to have. Typically any fights are between siblings ( mine or someone elses) or just a misunderstanding. What I don't like is watching (listening) out the window and hearing some child telling mine she is a stupid b@#$h because she tagged him.  Usually we get stupid or dummy.. never words like that. I was SHOCKED. At first I thought okay I didn't hear properly so I went outside. Sure enough a few min later it happened again.  So I tell the kids its time to go inside and I try to explain why being called a B(*&h is a bad thing.  It's a really hard thing to explain.. Eldest wants to know how a 5/6 yr old can be so comfortable using such language.. and the littlier girls don't understand abusive behaviors. They think they are in trouble for something and thats why they cant play. Now hitting they'd understand but words what's the harm in words?

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