Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mommy daughter trip

Last week a friend of Big Daddys offered Eldest and I an amazing oppertunity. To come to Fl. and help out with a campain. Eldest has never flown and since she is a homeschooler now we JUMPED at the oppertunity. It has been an AMAZING experiance to discover how politics REALLY work. I mean just amazing! The first day we got here we mostly rested and hung out in our room. the next morning we hit the beach before work. Eldest discovered some other kids here her age and decided to head out and pass out door hangers. While I worked the phone bank and got to know other homeschool mothers. When the " walkers" returned they waved signs while the office workers finished up for the day. I got the job of bringing the younger kids (10-13) back to the hotel to play before dinner. We had so much fun!! It's nice to just sit back and see how the kids work together. Today we hit the "events" we went to several rallies and the kids got the oppertunity to meet our canidate ask questions and learn about issues. Eldest is getting such a great lesson in politics. I was asked to do a favor for one of the other groups so we were seperated for most of the day but she was just overwhelmed with how much she has learned. I am soooo proud of how she handled ppl. By the way. we have also learned how UGLY ppl can be during elections. People come on! Learn some manners I know you momma taught you better than to act like that! We had one person start cursing about our canidate to the kids!!! They were VERY well behaved about it though. it's been a great busy time for us.

BigDaddy is learning AGAIN how to be a mommy and how hard her job is. But I think he is enjoying this unique time to spend getting to know better his little girls. When i called this afternoon to talk to BigGwrl before her nap she told me all about the cookies she was making with Daddy and how he had taken her and her "babies" to the doggy park. I am so greatful to have a husband who WANTS to spend time with his kids and wants to know them better. I pray they all enjoy this time and much as Eldest and I are enjoying our first mommy daughter trip.

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