Sunday, August 29, 2010

its nuts!

Big Daddy still hasn't found a new job so things are still a little crazy around here. :) Eldest and I are still trying to get into a homeschool routien then you throw in School and all the other stuff we do and we are still struggling to get our feet underneath us. Life is a little nutty everyday but we love it that way.
    The cover school we signed up under is great but we are still trying to find activites for us to take part in, im trying to get some sort of dialogue with some of the other parents about any activites but i think right now everyone is just as crazy as we are. Maybe in a few weeks once everything calms down.
      Middlest has now lost two teeth total and has learned how to scate backwards in Hockey!! I am SOOOOO proud of her. She wants to continue with her lessons with makes me sooo happy I like that she loves Hockey.
    Biggwrl is growing like a weed. She is loveing having Sissy home with her all the time. She has learned to spell RO!! She also got to spend the night with Gwamma and Pookieboo for the very first time! She and Gwamma made chocolate chip pancakes!!
Thing are going good :)
Tomorrow Biggwrl and BigDaddy and myself are hitting the dog park.. we will have to see what kind of trouble we can get into there.

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The Occasional Blogger said...

HA!HA! If your house hold is nutty does that make mine fruity? Hey put us together and call us trail mix! HA! HA! ROTF! Love you Girl!