Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Adventures in Homeschooling

So now that i am an offical homeschooling mom i've been trying to fit everything in each day.
I think Eldest is gaining an appreciation for how much I do each day. I have found several awesome web pages that you can make your own muliple choice worksheets, spelling games, ect. THEY ARE AWESOME! We are doing so good (so far). Except in math. We learned that reading from the text book does not mean that I can teach it hahah. Algebraic Expression is not something that I understand easliy. Luckily Big Daddy is an engineer so he does. Anyways. Middlest loves her new teacher and loves getting to see all her friends. She comes home bubbling telling me all about it. I love her enthusium. We've been trying to get time to get bread lessons squeezed in. So far we have not had the time but we will.
    One thing i have learned about homeschooling is that once everyone hears about it they all want to help. We have so many ppl offering to do certin classes with her it is very much the village kind of thing I LOVE IT!!
i could ramble all night BUT BigDaddy is on his way home.

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