Thursday, September 6, 2012

The only one

Once again I was asked not to help with something because of the baby. People this is getting old. I am really sick of hearing don't you have someone to watch him? and You know we have child care down the hall right? Supernova is my child. Is it so unheard of that he should stay with his mother and not a stranger? I'm trying really hard right now not to be REALLY mad and hurt.. I dont want to make rash decisions. I hurt. I really do. I really wish there was some way to meet other stay at home moms around here. Although I think i've figured out why I can't find any, They just plain aren't wanted. They stay at home with thier children not going anywhere except Walmart, because Walmart wants everyone. Eldest's youth minister wrote something in this months newsletter that really struck a chord in me...
The cost of not being hospitable and loving at church is much higher than lost funds.  We are not selling a product or a service, or an entertainment that someone might want to do.  How we treat people (visitors and long-term members alike) is a direct reflection on Jesus, since we as the church are His hands and feet.  
I think that others in this church and city could learn something from him.  We are also taught to follow the "golden rule" To treat others the way we wish to be treated". I can only say after these experiances I am going to try harder to push aside my fears and be more welcoming to people I meet. Even if they are just the cashiers at Walmart ;) 

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Anonymous said...

Darlin I am really proud of how you handled the situation. You showed poise and grace under fire. You are one in a Million.