Monday, September 10, 2012

1st painting

Today Supernova and I finger painted for the first time.

I really wasn't expecting him to play with the paint much, just eat it. He really did enjoy it though. He had a blast squishing around in the paint. He did eat quite a bit but thats okay too. Once the paint dries a bit i'll peel the stickers off and we will have a painting with his name on it :).
My advice to mommies trying to do art for the first few times. Be realistic with both yourself and your baby. They may not like the feeling of whatever you are doing. You will spend a lot more time setting up and cleaning than you will actually creating. You will make a HUGE mess. It is okay to not do art with your baby. It's not for everyone and not for every baby. Strip the baby down. naked or in disposible diaper. and make sure they aren't afraid of the bath tub because your baby will look like this

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