Tuesday, August 7, 2012

9 months old

Chubby Bubby you are 9 months old today. You can pull your self up to a standing position. You are so stubborn! You want what you want when you want it! So much like your daddy! Your chocolate eyes sparkle when you smile and you melt hearts when you giggle at people. You love fruit and hate most vegetables but I keep feeding them to you. You especially hate oatmeal and squash. You love to explore things and are constantly following everyone around the house to see what they are doing.  You can play peek a boo now with a blankie. You love your "little boy blue" that Gwanma bought you, You won't go to sleep without him. You can sign Milk, All done, and of course Eat. You don't unless you are really mad that we are not doing what you want us to do. You still don't sleep longer than a few hours at night. You are so loved by everyone! No one can resist the power of your chubby cheeks. Your sisters love to pick you up and snuggle and kiss you.. they have a tendency to spoil you. ROTTEN. You are so special to us! Happy 9 month birthday my love!!

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