Thursday, January 5, 2012

doing something right

           Big Daddy gave Eldest an assignment Tuesday to look through this "self help" book for women. It was based on some tv show where women can win a contest based on how much they "improve" in several areas of i don't know "beauty". She was not allowed to comment or discuss the book with us and when it was over we would discuss what she thought.  This is what she thought . 
         Daddy, they took all these normal beautiful looking moms and turned them into pagent queens. It was so disgusting! They all had to much make-up and reveling clothing!! They had to get plastic surgery in order to stay in the group. They had to change who they were to fit what someone else wanted. I hated this book Daddy. Now here comes my favorite part.. where I realized her daddy, momma, and myself are doing a great job with her. She said what made me the most mad was in the end of this book the author said part of improving yourself is having faith in God. That God says He helps those who help themselves. Women HAVE to do these things in order to do what God wants for them!! Can you belive that daddy?! How could she say that!! God made each of us in HIS OWN IMAGE and HIS image is PERFECTION. How can changing yourself.. getting plastic surgery, wearing reveling clothing and too much make-up be what God wants for you?? If he wanted these women to look like that he would have made them look like pagent queens. 
      Big Daddy just looked at her and said well.. okay.. um I thought we were going to have to get around to that but well you pass.  


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